Wiki sino japanese vocabulary

wiki sino japanese vocabulary

Sino - Japanese vocabulary or kango (Japanese: 漢語, "Han words ") refers to that portion of the Japanese vocabulary that originated in Chinese or has been.
Some Sino -Korean words derive from Japanese.
Sino -Xenic or Sinoxenic pronunciations are regular systems for reading Chinese in Japan, Korea and Vietnam, originating in medieval times and the source of large-scale borrowings of Chinese words into the Japanese.

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Click on the parts that are in the kanji you are looking for. Yamato kotoba are generally polysyllabic often three or more syllables , and more closely follow the CV consonant-vowel, CVCVCV pattern of Old Japanese.

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  • Writing Systems: A Linguistic Approach. Humanity managed to escape their homeworld and establish colonies throughout the Sol system , at first confined in the inner part.
  • They thus form doublets and are generally similar, analogous to different on'yomi, reflecting different stages of Chinese borrowings into Japanese. Some grammatical structures and sentence patterns can also be identified as Sino-Japanese. Multiple readings have given rise to a number of homographsin some cases having different meanings depending on how they are read.
  • For a list of words relating to kanji, see the Japanese-coined CJKV characters category of words in Wiktionary , the free dictionary.

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Japanese orphans in China. Especially for older and well-known names, the resulting Japanese pronunciation may differ widely from that used by modern Chinese speakers. While much Sino-Japanese vocabulary was borrowed from Chinese, a considerable amount was created by the Japanese themselves as they coined new words using Sino-Japanese forms. The resulting synonyms have varying use, usually with one or the other being more common. The synonym wago is instead a kango, and hence a heterological word.

wiki sino japanese vocabulary