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Michael Sporn was one of the giants of the New York animation community. From 1980 until his untimely death last year, Michael Sporn's.
Michael Sporn was a New York-based independent animator and filmmaker who directed multiple segments and songs for Sesame Street.
Michael Sporn, an Academy Award nominee for best animated short film and the director of more than 30 television specials for outlets such as....

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They may be edited for clarity and reprinting in whole or in part in Variety publications. He had to reach the largest possible audience and be direct. Plenty maybe too many of the commercially successful Well, Just You Wait! For the tribute reel we are inviting anyone to participate and send their personal message about Michael, his work, what he means to you, his animation, whatever you feel moved to say. For those, I dissolved from one extreme to the next. A site to feature the art, animation, work and some of the thoughts of the artists working at Michael Sporn Animation. The Power of Content.

It soon became known "wiki michael sporn" distinctive short films that were ostensibly intended for children but that spoke, often movingly, to adults as. Subscribe to Media press releases gleeks rejoice boston menes chorus celebrates lgbt pride with glee star Today! His studio was something like a repertory company of artists he trusted, and from whom he coaxed the work he wanted. I am beside myself with joy at having been asked. The leaner your animation got, the more focused—a quest for the sweet spot where the interval between one drawing and the next, as with the minimalist composers, became the richest possible event. The Hunting of the Snark. TV Movie documentary title designer. This, as I learned it, was the law of the land. The image of Michael animating is by the great Tissa David. Sign in with Facebook. Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. ASIFA-East Tribute to Michael Sporn. The Gee said …

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His style was done in small sketchy dashes that molded the character. His company's productions received numerous awards, including an Academy Award nomination for his short, Doctor DeSoto , an Emmy award for Good Night Moon and several Cable ACE Awardsfor The Story of the Dancing Frog and Ira Sleeps Over.

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Wiki michael sporn When busy on a production, Michael moved swiftly and spoke little, which sharpened you to the small but critical signals whether you were giving him what he wanted. A site to feature the art, animation, work and some of the thoughts of the artists working at Michael Sporn Animation. This made for a studio wiki michael sporn of personal responsibility and shared purpose. Powered by VIP. His father, William, left the family when Michael was a toddler. It is the film I was made to make — with her, of course. TV Movie animation director.
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