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wiki chronology fomenko

The New Chronology is a pseudohistorical theory which argues that the conventional chronology of Middle Eastern and European history is fundamentally.
Anatoly Timofeevich Fomenko (Russian: Анато́лий Тимофе́евич Фоме́нко) is a Soviet and Russian mathematician, professor at Moscow State University, well known as a topologist, and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is author of a pseudoscientific theory known as New Chronology. ‎ Biography · ‎ Mathematical work · ‎ Historical revisionism · ‎ Publications.
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This is why northern China was at times easy to overrun, but not southern China, with a multitude of mountains, rivers, and lakes, one needs a powerful navy to conquer that territory, which is why during the Jin Dynasty Eastern Jin , Song Dynasty Southern Song , and Ming Dynasty Southern Ming the Chinese court always fled south when the north was in imminent danger. Tell me, which Jesuit was this that rewrote the entire history of China , with every single event, person, historical place, cultural tid-bit of knowledge, throughout history, while the Chinese court sat and nodded their head in approval of his new version of history as if they didn't care or had no problem with the ramifications of such a thing. For example, he argues convincingly that iron was discovered and used before bronze, which he dates earliest xiii cy. Abstracts for the 'High, Middle or Low? All continents where in touch since when...? You have to go to the oldest known documents that reference Pope Gregory VII which are probably written in Latin and lie somewhere in Vatican library archives , analyze them, find contradictions between them and what little we know with confidence about Jesus. The Land of the Bible. We found them ALL to be non-independent, non-exact, statistically implausible, contradictory and inevitably viciously circular because they are based or calibrated on the same consensual chronology.

It adds nothing to the article, "wiki chronology fomenko", and makes it look decidedly un-encyclopedic. I made a number of changes to the article, largely for clarity and flow. Teeny complicated, weeny contradictory in places, wiki chronology fomenko interconnected, some have clay feet, ones I'll not die. The local maxima method". Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. Please help to clean it up to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. But he posthumously published several more texts expanding on his theory that Medieval Benedictine monks had basically created classical Rome and Greece and even fabricated all ancient coins: Why? Alternate historical chronology is not to be confused with alternate historical fiction. All continents where in touch since when.? Based on the applied by us mathematical methods it was proved, that the Scaligerian chronology, and therefore also the Scaligerian history of the "antiquity" and the Middle Ages, is totally wrong. See how nicely that flattens things out? Created finally in the XVI century A. Remember that article talk pages are provided to coordinate the article's improvement only, and are not sarah engaging in discussion of off-topic matters not related to the main article. This has come about simply because of the need to explore the ramifications of my TIP [Egyptian Third Intermediate Period] research. Fomenko's work "pseudoscience," without explanation.

Has history been tampered with? Pharao,Moses,David,Solomon,Jesus relate to Middle Ages

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And what if tomorrow I begin stating that pigs can fly and find some follower? For the first, they forget to compare the comparable, i.