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A suicidal transgender woman with a gun holed herself up in a DC and that she shot at police officers when they arrived at the building on K.
During a peaceful protest, DC Police have just arrested trans woman Later, when MPD Sgt. Jessica Hawkins, who is transgender, arrived on.
was detained due to a family emergency and arrived at 8:18 pm. a change in the City policy that requires her (as a transgender) to use the...

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There are better ways to get your point across than blaming the police for your actions. Video taken by the National LGBTQ Task Force shows transgender woman Jes Grobman, one of the co-organizers of the event who is affiliated with DC Trans Power, being yanked forward and dragged away, first by one and then two officers, pressed up against a police car, handcuffed, and escorted away. Many of those involved in the Columbia Heights demonstration were Latina transgender women. He can be reached at jriley Add MW to Your News App:.

Clinton went on to detail her plans to put an end to acts of violence against transgender people and assure their inclusion in the military. In uphill fight, Democrats make case for Equality Act, transgender arriving greenbelt. Demonstrators transgender arriving greenbelt up the transgender flag at the Transgender Day of Action demonstration in Columbia Heights. When Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee for president, calls out the military, people start paying attention to its policies. When they were unable to find her in her apartment, they went to salon indianapolis for her at the office building. Many of those involved in the Columbia Heights demonstration were Latina transgender women. She said her trip to Grosvenor Station took less than two hours. Mia Mason served five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and was recognized for her bravery -- but as she rejoins the D. Editor's Notebook Real Estate Court Report Sporting View Paul's View Guest Commentary Letters to the Editor Corner Kick Auto Drive. LGBT social on tap. The protest was one of several actions planned during Transgender Awareness Week, answers friendly boyfriend the run-up to the Transgender Day of Remembrance, the annual event held on Nov. My thought and prayers are with the family of Mr.

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National Guard this weekend, she's fighting to be fully recognized as a woman. Related Items arrest DC Trans Power demonstration featured mpd National LGBTQ Task Force police brutality protest ticker transgender Transgender Awareness Week Translatina Coalition Week of Action. The turn toward embracing marriage equality may have been slow, but it seems that securing transgender rights might arrive more swiftly. According to Persmark, it was the officer who first physically assaulted Grobman. She added her concern for immigrant rights. The Nevada GOP dropped opposition to gay marriage from their platform completely last year. Trump exec order could jeopardize Stonewall Monument by Lou Chibbaro Jr.

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Massachusetts just held a hearing for a bill that would make transgender people a protected class. Advertising with Metro Weekly.