Threads possessive with proper nouns chris chriss

threads possessive with proper nouns chris chriss chriss -chair-or- chris -chair/. Possessive - s' or s's with proper nouns - Chris ' or Chris . threads / possessive -s-or-ss-with- proper - nouns - chris -or- chriss.
chris's or chris ' grammar,, how to make chris possessive, possessive names . com/ threads / possessive -s-or-ss-with- proper - nouns - chris -or- chriss.
How to make singular and plural words that end with "s" possessive. For example, Christine, from Portland, Oregon; Judy from Traverse City, Michigan; Katy from Australia; Kristi from Washington, D.C.; and Rick from How to Make Names With Apostrophes Possessive . Show 1 more reply in this thread.

Threads possessive with proper nouns chris chriss journey fast

Follow Following Unfollow Chris Dauphin. GRAMMAR HAMMER: Chris, Chris', Chris's. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Perhaps I'm particularly adamant about this issue because my own name is Elias, and I can't stand it when people write Elias'. Being both a Chris and from Arkansas.

threads possessive with proper nouns chris chriss

What I want to find out is the standard usage of apostrophe according to the English grammar. About how to pronounce it? The Best To-Do List Is Actually Your Calendar. I agree with the pp who said to pick a way and be consistent using it. It's an apostrophe style choice. I'm not saying you're wrong, by any means. So the mystery goes on. Yes, my password is:. So it would be Topic gmail mgxdgo car. The apostrophe is 's for a possessive. And the spoken variants will usually prevail. I apologise for the confusion. Are you looking for? I was goinng to suggest this to Penny as a follow-up post. There are more exceptions with proper names, however: Jesus' time, Moses' law. There are many times I find myself writing something correctly even if it doesn't "look" right. I have seen it written with an extra s lately. If the noun ends with an s, ch, x, or z video deep hardcore fucking hoodadd es: buses, beaches, faxes.

Threads possessive with proper nouns chris chriss tri cheap

I have despaired for years about people who cannot properly pluralize the name they were born with. You may not post new threads. Grammar Question: Possessive form of a first name that... Thanks for a great post! Words such as Kansas that end with an s can be stumpers when it comes to apostrophes.

threads possessive with proper nouns chris chriss

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Moose dirty joke rekindling flame Or was it that census-takers escort olivia honey bureaucrats were careless? Supreme Court squabbles over making the word Kansas possessive. Ask now to get help from Grammarly experts for FREE. Here are the basic rules: Of course, because our language is English, there are some irregular plurals, such as men, women, and children. I taught these rules to my fourth graders, but there is no guarantee that they remember them now that they are forty!
COUNTRIES BEST SENSE HUMOR The Baby Bargains LOUNGE! There are three Joneses' cabins in a row next to the beach. Thanks for a great post! Chris' office or Chris's office? Would that be the same as Chris or Moses?
Catalogue books literature erotic secret massage parlor Teachers in English classrooms across the U. The biggest challenge is pluralizing Chris - might be Chrisses, so you'd get "the Chrisses' car. Not that the hits are LOWER for the second term in the US, which logically MUST be bigger, since it includes "Chris's brother". Find your friends on Facebook. If a noun ends with y, change the y to i and add es: babies, pennies.