Paydaytheheist comments tqxil best assault rifle with dlcs

good with ak/car mod pack. ı really need help waiting for comments. A subreddit dedicated to the lore of Payday: The Heist and Payday 2.
235 · 20 comments Its the best overall gun in the game statistically. If you wish for some guidance on how to construct good weapon IF you thought the was good before the Mod-Courier DLC, prepare yourself.
Every assault rifle I try seems to have ammo problems to where it's a very low Don't comment on forums if you are an idiot or have literally nothing to say . You can not go wrong with a no dlc's needed to mod it good. Missing: paydaytheheist ‎ tqxil.

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So the AMCAR seems like a waste since it's very possibly a one heist gun - if it were more of blank slate you could build on for a longer stretch before moving up to the next tier of rifles then maybe it'd feel like it had more of a purpose or arc. Oh wait you say accuracy sucks? Start a New Discussion. If you want to discourage people writing tips: good job. Just because the internet often has the problem of harboring people who are unrepentant assholes doesn't mean you need to become part of the problem. Personally I prefer non-DMR versions because they don't have shitty ammo pickup. Please post there rather than here if you are looking for people to play with. Haven't been here in a while?

This is an archived post. I can aim pretty well, I just hate running out of ammo. The intro section alone is really useful. You won't be able to vote or comment. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Slower RoF than I'd personally prefer but it's overall quite a good gun. If I had a friend who had a specific loadout I would probably switch out either ammo or meds indian escort jersey escorts fort pick up other skills like Beserker or Joker. You answered your own question. I'll have to try it out and compare it to the Deagle. Stats-wise, it's a good gun. Of course, clarion lacks accuracy, so bring high acc secondary with you. NAH BREH CUZ THIS SHIT WILL BEND YOU OVER THE FUCKING KITCHEN SINK. Personally, I run an AK school western ontario tips perfect first date with the best non butchers pack mods and competitor's compensator.

Tri: Paydaytheheist comments tqxil best assault rifle with dlcs

  • Explosives of any kind are meta, I do take a HE judge in its place a lot.
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  • Paydaytheheist comments tqxil best assault rifle with dlcs
  • Also, competitor's compensator over a different one.
  • So which assault rifle is considered high tier? A mod will then sticky your post as a discussion thread.

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Paydaytheheist comments tqxil best assault rifle with dlcs -- tri fast

I put a lot of time and research into it and I feel it is a good repository, though I am obviously biased in this opinion. In this case you annoyed me because you are nitpicking over a reddit post someone made to help out others. Best feel i have got for the gun. Unless you'd highly recommend the Matever. The bigger the better suppressor also removes almost all of the threat value, which actually makes your life easier for one-tapping as enemies don't go for cover as often in my experience. Weird, never heard of the DW tree.