Indian girl would like marry from army

indian girl would like marry from army

The first girl I fell totally in love with and wanted to marry dumped me as I joined the Indian “Choose one who make U feel like princess even though he does not have money to do that..” “Choose one who has courage to hold U sttrong when.
I got baptised into the Army six years ago, when I got married to a 'fauji'. At first I felt like a fish out of water. And here I was, in the Indian Army, among the best- dressed and finest ladies one can ever find. I have met many highly qualified women who have left good jobs for the sake of being there for.
Female- Indian - Army -officers-march-during-the- Army -Day-parade-in-New-Delhi- Married women officers in the service group of five to eight years wives of male officers, you can 't complain about being treated like ladies....

Indian girl would like marry from army -- travel fast

There is the inevitable long wait for his safe return, which is a test of patience. SSC officers are released with gratuity and can avail some benefits as ex-serviceperson, but they do not get pension. Soldiers mutilated in Poonch cremated with military honours. I would like to add more pictures and write an article for the benefit of south indian girls. Please tell me about first female lieutenant of Indian all know about lieutenant general but tell me about lieutenant only.
indian girl would like marry from army

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  • Indian girl would like marry from army
  • You double up as both father and mother to your children.
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  • Women Soldiers earn the same pay but do not train for as long or as hard. It was painful, she says, but had no choice because unlike her male counterparts, she, like other lady officers, gets no pension or medical aid after retiring.

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Indian girl would like marry from army -- tri

Flight Cadet Priya Paul. Proud to be be dawning the olive greens. The army has its own tests that determine psychological and physical fitness and also taken into account are communication skills as Women officer has to lead and direct men. Special Courtesy and heart felt thanks for names and Photos to Flight Cadet R Shweta Mishra.