Content best linux desktop search tools

content best linux desktop search tools

Alfred is a combination app launcher and desktop /web search utility It won't search the contents of your files like the other apps do, but It's completely free, and works just as well on OS X and Linux as it does in Windows.
Hi, I'm looking for a good desktop search application that's running nicely on the Xfce there is some difference betweens some search tools.
In our 2015 review of the best free Desktop Search programs we found 3 And, Everything does not search file contents, only file and folder names. The application is currently available for Windows and GTK-based Linux distributions...

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Bilou's cry about Windows superiority because he claims that a little filename indexer is better than advanced meta-data search tools belies the real intent of his post. Our verdict: Fast and reliable with impressive features, but bare-bones compared with the Windows version. These tools are designed to find information on the user's PC, including web browser history, e-mail archives, text documents, sound files, images, and video.

content best linux desktop search tools

Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. Click the button, get a new unreadable hash. And, with its built-in Inotify support, Beagle updates the index as soon as it detects any changes to files or directories. I know content best linux desktop search tools Krusader is a part of KDE and uses locate, content best linux desktop search tools. This is both a curse and an advantage: system resources aren't constantly manhandled in an attempt to keep the index up to date, but it requires users to take an extra step compared with the other tools. I plan to make Recoll a nicer GUI front-end in the browser. Despite the clever design, Advanced Search has femail article sally mustang mitch gobel erotic stories deleted insram problem: you can't use it to see a list of all files of a particular type. By default, it doesn't create an entry in any of the menus. Almost no distro carries Recoll in its software repositories, and the tool's dependency list might put off a few users. Recoll is now in the Ubuntu repositories. Visit the following links:. You can then limit your search to text files, or any other MIME type, by clicking the relevant radio button from under the search bar. Beagle can index a wide variety of application data, including IM chats and RSS feed readers. Tracker, however, has all the makings of a top contender.

Recoll : A Full-text Search Tool for Linux Mint (Ubuntu)

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Beagle is equally at home on Gnome and KDE, but if you prefer a neutral environment, it can easily be arranged. If you need to reset your password, click here. Have something to say about one of the contenders? The largest issue that Indexing service faced was the fact that every time a file was added, it had to be indexed. You can also limit your search to specific MIME types, such as PDF or spreadsheets. Compared with their internet brethren, today's desktop search tools can be used not only to look for the names of files on your disk, but can also perform context-sensitive searches within email archives, images, videos and music. Kinja is in read-only mode.

content best linux desktop search tools